The special needs registry is an emergency preparedness tool and will be used by Mobile County officials for communicating with people with special needs, pre-event emergency planning, and for determining evacuation and shelter needs during actual emergencies. There is no guarantee that services will be provided, nor does registration guarantee that services will be received on a preferential basis.

The registry may be used for any emergency requiring evacuation, such as flooding, hurricanes or hazard material spills, and gas leaks. This information will be available to emergency planners and will facilitate the County’s planning, response and recovery efforts. Even though you are on this registry, you should call 9-1-1 in the event of a life threatening situation.
Transportation will only be provided to designated community shelters. Only those individuals who meet the criteria set by the Alabama Department of Public Health and who are accompanied by one caregiver will be admitted to a Medical Needs Shelter. All others will go to a general population shelter. All evacuees must comply with the requirements of the shelters as determined by the Mobile County Emergency Management Agency and the American Red Cross.
At this time, we cannot provide transportation for pets.

Registration is voluntary and all information collected will be kept private and confidential and securely stored.
If you wish to enroll online, start by clicking the red "Begin Registration" button below. If you would rather fill out and mail in your application, click here to download the application.

Note: Transportation is not provided to residents of nursing homes or assisted living facilities.
Please discuss with your facility staff their plans for your safety in an emergency.

If you have any questions, you may call 251-479-4900 or fax 251-479-4998

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